D’Espronceda Street, Barcelona, Spain


    Life is really fast, we rush, we chase our daily tasks and in this crazy whirlwind we loose ourselves and the meaning of time. We run on the phone like on the track mill machine without going anywhere. When we look in the mirror sometimes we can not see our inner beauty. Distractions of life sneak into our ears until we have to get rid of it all.
    Mural is inspired by the great performer artist Marina Abramović and her ‘Abramović Method’. Her defragmented portrait is visible in the centre of the wall. This time there is only one object on the table, a glass of pure structured water, a reflection on what Marina Abramović is proposing to people through her method.
    Mural focuses on the need of transformation where at the end of our inner journey we are able to look into ourselves and ask the question:

    Why do we have to get rid of so much rubbish?​​​​​​​

    Video made by After Hours Project.
    Massive thanks to everyone who took part in this video.

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