This project is part of several explorations about the relationship between the microcosm and macrocosm, combining paintings, photography, fire and other media. I combined concepts like neurons, brain, neurology events like a migraine aura and brain scans of bipolar, biology, cells, organisms, bacteria, DNA, anatomy, veins, blood, the birth of life, zygotes, and some of my own imaginary visuals and patterns.

    Most of them are 19 x 19 and 30 x 42 cm, made with metallic acrylic paint on black paper.

    You can see the Fuji Instax here

  • Collective exhibit  “About time and other realities“ 
    Organized by transliterado in Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima, on Pre-Maco week at Monterrey, Mexico.

  • Unquiet inner cosmos
    Nydia Lilian, 2018-2019

    Original artworks, f
    ine art prints, and image licensing are available.  
    More info: nydialilian@gmail.com

    Instagram: @nydialilian