Vectornator Robot Design Challeng

  • Vectornator Robot Design Challenge
  • Vectornator is an app for iPad that allows artists to create vector graphics. Recently they launched a Weekly Art Challenge! 

    The first challenge was to create a ROBOT!  I have always been fascinated by retro mechanical wind-up toys, so I drew my inspiration from there.

    I hope you enjoy my robot and I look forward to taking part in more challenges!
  • This is the final version of the robot that I submitted to the challenge.  Originally, the circle did not have lines going through it... but I thought it gave the image a more dynamic look.
  • Here is a closeup of the final version of the robot in the Vectornator app.
  • I really enjoy working in Vectornator as it allows me to create graphics any where. 
  • This is my design in outline mode.  It showcases all the paths that were used to create the graphic.                                                                                                                           
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