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    此次受台灣區 Wacom 合作邀請,以新品 Cintiq 16 參與這次的「數位創作者的浩瀚壯遊」計畫,
    透過「飛機」作為載體,以「起飛 take off」為題,呼應此次產品「探索」的定位。

    Digitally influences the form of creation. This time, in cooperation with the wacom in Taiwan, the new cintiq 16 is used to draw vision, to explore the creation of the problem, to extend the tentacles of the creation medium, and to present the series in digital form.​​​​​​​

  • 人類與飛機的進程,都像極了創作的隱喻-身為當代設計創作者,我們該如何適當的使用這世代的科技與數位媒材去帶來更多的可能性,同時卻也能維持作品的初衷與本質呢?


    The process of humans and airplanes is like a metaphor for creation. As a contemporary design creator, how can we properly use this generation of technology and digital media to bring more possibilities while still maintaining the original intention and essence of our works? 

    Just as there are new creative media or styles in the history of modern design art, it will bring many new challenges and doubts at the same time, but in the end it always bring new changes to our creation. Therefore, I use this question as a point of view for exploration. The bright red aircraft is the main symbol. Through the three perspectives of this series, each of them looks at the perspective of flight, conveying the creators between "breaking through traditional media" and "seeking the essence of creation". 

  • Wacom X Chen Wu
    Wacom 新品 Cintiq 16 合作的「數位創作者的浩瀚壯遊」計畫

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