CANTA CARTA — Daily planner collection 2019

    Daily planner collection 2019

    After last year’s successful collaboration, the Japanese company JMAM commissioned us twelve new original designs for their 2019 premium capsule collection, called CANTACARTA.

    The task was simple yet complex: create an array of unique styles for Japanese women looking for the perfect planner to sketch or write down notes, tasks and memos.
    The collection consists in twelve daily planners, each with a different unique design, created in our studio in Verona and crafted in Japan.

    Aya Codama, the creative director, guided us through the design project, helping us to reach the desired look for the Japanese demographic.
    We worked with different textures and finishes to ensure each piece has its own unique personality. The final result is a fun and colorful collection, in which Japanese exquisite craftsmanship and attention for details merges with Italian style and design.

    We loved working on this beautifully curated and crafted project. Which one is your favorite?

    Check out CANTACARTA here:


    We used silver metallic foil instead of black for the characteristic black spots on the dog. To give the diary a very classic chic feel, we used a special paper with a leather-like finish.

    This design is very colorful and fun, yet has a strong vintage vibe (we love those 70’s tones!) which makes it more adult and edgy. We created a strong contrast between the textures of the soft-touch matte paper and the glossy varnish to make the illustrations pop.

    For this design, authenticity was the key! The stripes are actually different types of brush strokes, which we scanned and post-produced. The gold metallic foil gives a luxurious look to this essential design.

    We were asked to replicate the success of last year’s “Gem” design, so we created Diagram! This pattern features bold jewel tones and gold outlines to create the perfect diary to fit in your designer purse.

    This diary is perfect for all of us who like having fun in the kitchen! We chose to use a textured paper in order for the diary to resemble a quirky 60’s tablecloth.

    What makes this design special are the different textures playing together for a very sophisticated final result. The surface of the diary is slightly padded and clad in a soft-touch matte paper, creating the perfect surface for the embossing. Surprise!

    Who wouldn’t smile looking at this pattern? These ladies are having fun with fashion and are not afraid of bold colors and statement pieces. We added few gold metallic details to add some sparkle to jewelry and accessories.

    This design features an illustrated alphabet, entirely made of sweets and candies. We decided to print the pattern on a cloth-like paper to ensure a warmer feel to the touch.

    Our goal for this design was to create a soft, classic illustration to etch on the surface of the diary.

    We were asked to create a floral patter that was original, fun and colorful. We decided to create an abstract composition, made of brush strokes and paint splatters. The lavender foil adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the illustration.

    We decided to use this textured paper in order for the cover to resemble a handmade drawing of a whimsical forest. We used warm colours for a unexpected look and gold foil to add a metallic touch.

    The satin gold paper is the strongest feature of this design. The surface is soft and luxurious, its timeless elegance enhanced by a simple cat pattern design, lightly embossed on the paper.

  • Client: JMAM, Japan
    Creative Direction: Aya Codama @BULLET Inc.
    JMAM PM: Tomoko Kobayashi
    Planning: Aya Nakamura, Yuki Yoshida
    Video animation:  JMAM team
    Project Management: Federico Padovani
    Art Direction: Federico Galvani
    Illustration: Erica Zipoli, Anna Rodighiero