• // Majdon.Co
    Based on an original music composed by Majdon.Co ( Francis Trash ) "Je ne vois que des H**s".
    The project is an experimental music video that challenges the codes of conventional Rap videos. 
    It depicts the struggle of a robot to escape from its own program. We wanted to question the impact of artificial intelligence on human interactions. Also, we tried to build a strong cinematographic universe as a tribute to huge movies like Blade Runner, Space Odyssey or A.I Artificial Intelligence.
  • // Credit
    Produced by YEAZER  Written and Directed  by Gaël Abbad & Dorian Pisicchio 
    Editing  Sound Design by -- Dorian Pisicchio   VFX Compositing -- Gaël Abbad
    Color Grading Costume -- Yeazer  Make up artist -- Laureen Piccard   Stylist -- Raphael Sedefian 
    Special Thanks -- Quentin Pennet, ABS, Parur, Mounia Bensalem, Les pièces vintages store
    Extra Thanks -- We want to thank our team and friends which have participate and were truly involved in this project. 
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