DOW Mexico - Brandscaping

  • DOW - Mexico City

    Brandscaping: Cobalto Estudio
    Architectural design: Space Arquitectura

    For this collaboration with architecture firm Space Arquitectura, Cobalto Estudio developed a series of graphic applications for interior walls in conference rooms at DOW's Mexico City offices.

    Taking inspiration from DOW's global reach, each conference room and phonebooth draws its name and theme from a country in which the company operates.

    Ranging from Peru to Switzerland and beyond, our aim was to represent each culture in a non-cliche way that stil felt authentic and warm. We developed a grid system that would allow us enough flexibility for the imagery available for each country, while retaining a strong sense of consistency throughout the space.
  • Brandscaping design: Cobalto Estudio - Elisa Ortiz, Salvador Fernández, Rodrigo Guadarrama, Luis Chong.
    Architectural design: Space Arquitectura
    Fabrication: Design Lab