Wild Cacao: Immersive Storytelling Experience

  • Wild Cacao Project
  • This project was created to tell the story of Wild Cacao, a rare rainforest product from the Brazilian Amazon, and how it supports Amazonian communities. The story educates consumers on how the chocolate that they buy can have a positive effect on rural communities, and help to regenerate and preserve rainforests.

    This was a really fun project for me to work on, as I got to play with some cool assets, including stunning illustrations created by Ju Sting, a Brazilian illustrator who I've been following for years. I am so happy to have had the chance to finally work with her, and she blew it out of the park with the detailed illustrations she created.

    We also had a soundtrack by Brazilian musician Gama, who sets the perfect tone for the story.
  • My Role
  • I designed all the interactions for this immersive storytelling site, which included 360° videos, 360° photos, ambient audio, music, interactive maps, and illustrations. It was a challenge to create a cohesive story and experience with all of those elements.

    For the animation design, I used Principle, which aside from Figma, has become my new favorite digital tool. They recently launched an import from Figma feature, which makes creating animations in Principle even easier.
  • This is the final closing sequence of the story.
  • There is so much more to explore in the live project! Please check it out at https://wild-cacao.org, and learn more about opportunities to create your own immersive storytelling experience at Yellow Seed's new website.

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