Mystery Blossom Collection

  • M Y S T E R Y  B L O S S O M

    Introducing a collection with smoothly changing and connecting shades of natural and floral color.
    Simply combine these flowers and turn them into a floral arrangement or add your favorite quote.
    This set consists of hand-drawn flowers and leaves that you can easily add to your branding, logo or print.
  • R E A D Y - T O - U S E  G R A P H I C S  F O R  Y O U R  P R O J E C T

    Just add ready-made graphics: patterns and frames. But also a big variety of individual elements:
    illustrations, flowers and florals.
    These elements are ideal for the creation of the corporate identity of your shop or your small store. Or if you suddenly need to decorate your room or create a wedding invitation. Add this beautiful hand painted elements and florals to create a postcard.
  • Julia Dreams