DACIA ADVNTRS | Internship in Romania

  • Now Dacia cars are popular around middle and old age audience, also selling point of the brand is the price/quality factor. 
    So, my main intention is to create a design product, which will warm up the interest of the future Dacia brand young consumers.

    SOLUTION: I tried to combine current product/fashion trends and put them together transformed into interior design piece.
  • 📜​​​​​​​ CONCEPT FORMULA:  Solid metal structure + Tension surface = ?

    C: "Seats for team", connected. Metal frame structure with tensioned textile and storage pocket in the front part. Sporty feeling. 
    B: Designed for the camping trips, with detachable sleeping bag. 
    A: Massive "product" thing. Big space for storage in the seat back. + Special edition with Dacia-SAW. 
    Which one would you choose? Let me know in a comment 

  • LIGHT, LIVELY, COLOURFUL (I hope) experiments with "endless" zip. 
    Where is whole interior architecture united with zipper and could be used as a storage. 

    My attempt under the thesis: "Dacia is more than just a vehicle".
    Experiment to put together a zipper, textile and metal structure.

    Minimalistic dash with hidden storage, 
    which could be opened or closed by two sliders in any place of the dashboard. 
  •  Seats are fixed inside the middle console frame and could be moved independently 😊.
  • COMBO: metal frame + silicone part + tensioned transparent textile
  • Transformable textile surface for lounge hammock instead of rear seats.
    ***and the most adorable cat  #wilfredwarrior 😼
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