Juxtapoz Magazine Redesign


  • Juxtapoz Magazine Redesign  
    Juxtapoz Magazine is a contemporary and underground art bible. This was a group project for publication class, the brief was to redesign a magazine.​​​​​​​ Our group chose ‘Juxtapoz Magazine’ as our choice because we wanted to do some experimental typography and chose post modern layout as our reference. Juxtapoz had the content we thought suitable for our experimental typography approach, thus the idea of redesigning a contemporary magazine was chosen.
  • Based on the magazine’s theme, we experimented with the visual layout and typography style. We chose Post-modern style and Psychedelic style as our references. The color palette was chosen from old psychedelic posters. The glitch effect was added to create more illusion effect. For the layout, We experimented by using post modern reference like Emigre Magazine. 

  • We get to share 
    minded people unite 
    to speak creative voice.
     - Robert Williams, Juxtapoz
  • photo and article credit: Juxtapoz Magazine
    Some preview of the article section. Most of the content on Juxtapoz Magazine are an interview recap about designers and artist, and how they influenced the modern contemporary art.
  • We also experimented on the printed result by using transparent paper on some pages. The transparency of the paper made the glitch effect looked more real and blurry.

    Last but not least.
  • The collage process of making Juxtapoz Magazine, together with my group. From sketches, test print, grid system and typography treatment to each headline.

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