• Superthing is a coffee brand located in Austin, TX. The intention for this project is a response to the current coffee industry aesthetic,  characterized by its starkness, minimalism and lack of color. We wanted to take the brand to the other extreme. 

    The name SUPERTHING was the starting point for our creative process; by trying to define what this "superthing" actually was, we explored the effect of coffee through different expressions and hyperboles, which gave form to the illustrations and led way to a visual universe of exaggerations in all shapes and forms. The logo is also a superthing in its own right, playing with different variations, our solution was to create a dynamic identity that felt like the letters were wild creatures fighting the confines of their designated space. 
    Overall, the graphic elements convey the same fun, surreal and over the top feeling, of the name. 

    Superthing, a super coffee for super people.


    Art Direction: Futura
    Photography: Rodrigo Chapa

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