Book Cover / Illustration and Handlettering

  • 'Heroines' book
    A book cover for a Dutch publisher
  • This is a book cover I illustrated and hand lettered for a Dutch publisher called Uitgeverij Ploegsma. The book is filled with stories about women around the world who made a difference. This was such a fun project to work on! I'll tell a bit more about the different aspects of the process and details below. Enjoy!

    - Marijke
  • For this project I was also asked to work on the hand-lettering for the title of the book: 'Heldinnen', or 'Heroines' in English. I used a brush and black ink to create the lettering. Very happy with how it turned out! 
  • Fun fact about the colors of the cover illustration: The first version I send to the publisher was the pink one on the left. Half of the team was very happy with it, and the other half thought that the pink made it too girly. I personally am a big fan of pink and think that pink is pretty cool for both boys and girls, but I also understood that it could also come across a bit too much of a cliché. So I made a second version, which the other half of the team was super happy with, but the first half still preferred the pink one! So we decided to come up with something pretty awesome: we turned the blue version into a fun dust jacket and the hardcover would have the pink illustration on it! That way the reader can choose his or her own favorite :) Fun right?! I have to say, I like the blue one a lot as well (which I wouldn't have thought) ... Which one is your favorite?
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