It all starts somewhere — and this is that place. Maybe you’ll start a career here. Maybe you’ll meet the talent that will transform your business. Maybe you’ll think of new ideas over a cup of coffee or lunch, or even meet that new person while dancing. Whatever it is, the Home of the Now is here for it. For inspiration we went back to the 17th century, when Jacob Jordaens was the leading Flemish Baroque Painter of his day. About 4 centuries later, the former estate of Jacob Jordaens became JJ House — Home of the Now, a social hub for the Next Genity
  • The identity is an exercise in simplicity. Breaking down all elements into the simplest of shapes, followed by composing and reconstructing them back together, using the simple stroke combinations to create not only the J's, but also the word House. Holding on to it's linear grid, we were able to build a colorful, bold typographic & communication concept around it, used in murals and graphics throughout the place — An Aces Of Space collaboration

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