PLAN – café bar

  • PLAN is a coffee shop and a café bar in Poznań, Poland. Founded by Aleksandra 
    Popiołek & Michał Oziewicz, PLAN quickly became a recognisable and likeable coffee spot in the city. Its naming is heavily influenced by cinema (Plan = “movie set” translated in Polish), so apart from sipping a cup of aromatic coffee, drinking refreshing wine cocktails, enjoying delicious cakes and sandwiches, it’s a perfect place to spend quality time with your friends and watch movies in regular movie screenings. 

    Working closely with Aleksandra, her team of friends and an architect, we laid out the concept of complex visual identity to distinguish similar spots in Poznań and help create the vibe which would make people come back and become a part of PLAN’s family. If you are visiting Poznań, do not hesitate to visit PLAN – grab a coffee, tea or wine cocktail and just relax.

  • Credits:
    Art Direction & Design – Ewelina Dymek (, Damian Skotzke (
    Interior architecture – UGO Architecture (
    Photography – Interior & Exterior – Gizela Żak (
    Photography – Set – Monika Kall (  
    Set design – Ewelina Dymek, Damian Skotzke, Monika Kall

    ul. Za Groblą 2
    Poznan, Poland 61-860