365 PROJECT: Month 1

  • 365 PROJECT: Month 1.

  • January 2nd of 2019. 
    Waking up very early in a hotel room in Mexico. Far away from home. Not satisfied with the year that just passed by. I decided to do something else to start this one with different energy. I needed a new project that allowed me to keep learning, stay creative, motivated, and of course, having fun.

    Mission: Discipline. Awareness. To create a new signature work.

    That's how this 365 project was born. I decided to apply some basic rules:
    - A4 format. - Only on Instagram. - Typography + Graphics.
    - Not necessary to POST everyday, but CREATE something new everyday.

    And these are the results. 21 new graphics. Loving this project so far!
    If you want to follow this ride, go to my IG profile: PARANOIDMEART