In memory of green

  • In memory of green

    This is a documentation project of the wildfire in Arteaga, Coahuila Mexico in June 2018. In the northeastern part of Mexico is very common to see large deserts or urbanized areas, but Arteaga stands out by its beautiful forest sceneries with pine trees and many vegetation. 800 hectares were affected by the fire and it spread massively for 5 days because winds were not favorable and also due to the government of Mexico for not having the right contingency plans nor equipment for this kind of incident.

    Generally, my work is focused on fiction stories like chaos, Anthropocene and post-apocalyptic scenarios. So I thought that this event is somehow related to those topics but this time in a very realistic way, in the present, very close to where I live and affecting on a personal level. I have a special affection for this place, Arteaga is just one and a half hours away from my town, it is an environmental treasure that many people visit regularly as an escape from the industrial zones.

    When we found out about the forest fire, my husband and I were coming back from a close friend’s funeral out of town and we passed very close to the area. We went back a couple of days later when the fire was ceased. It was a cathartic experience having lost someone close recently as well as a big part of one of our favorite natural spaces.
  • In memory of green
    Nydia Lilian, 2018

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