• When working on the poster of this Sophocles’ tragedy I was focused on the character of the heroine of this tragedy, which is dominant on the poster in the form of a Greek statue. The poster itself is divided into two large unities, black and red, they present the contrast between the two principles, two perspectives of the world. Antigone discovers the contrast in behavior which used to be expected from a woman and her role in the society. The heroine takes place in between, both in the play and on the poster. While working on this poster I had in mind all the questions about femininity, which were proposed in the play, and whether that was the reason that made Creon feel so threatened; whether he was threatened by all her femininity and determination.

    While working on the poster for the play Antigone I was focused on her femininity, however, working on the poster for the play Ajax it was inevitable to present his typical male characteristics. I had to present him as a strongly defined hero, who is proud and uncompromising. Though being a tall and a very dominant figure and a noble character, he was not able to recognize his own weaknesses and limitations. Working on this poster I was dealing with themes like anger, hatred and honor, but the most important event presented here is Ajax’ suicidal act of crashing this famous sculpture into pieces. I used a number of software combinations  in order to achieve the desired goal with this poster.