Selection of brand designs

    Print Art is a polygraphy, specializing in printing works of art. This is one of the projects that I am particularly proud of. For this brand I have developed a logo, corporate identity and several illustrations of key visualizations, as well as a rich visual language.

    Bug Fix provides services in the field of high technology. Their key specialization is software audit and testing, which helps to identify weaknesses. The company has several divisions: cloud data storage, security and code optimization. The main task in project  was to get away from the faceless boring corporate style inherent in many competitors of the company, and at the same time to emphasize that the team consists of advanced young people capable of a truly creative approach in the software environment. To do this task, I convey the atmosphere of hacker romance in 1990s and young computer geniuses. This nostalgic direction is well immersed in the proper feeling.

    For the author's feather jewelry under the «Jewelry Feathers» brand, I developed a brand in the style of «boho chic», that most accurately reflects the mood of the company and its customers. Light watercolor strokes and calligraphy create an image of brand, warm as a Sunny evening, and cozy as a favorite blanket. The main characters are the letters «J» and «F» (from the name «Jewelry Feathers») played in the form of feathers, built-in the name as a decoration.  To complete the image, I created watercolor illustrations of feathers, with which you can brand a variety of items and promotional materials.

  • I draw feathers and brand design for this project)

  • WAVE
    «WAVE» is a modern high-quality recording Studio for modern talented musicians and singers. In this project I developed a brand in the spirit of the time of advanced creative personalities. I was inspired by how the vibrations of a musical instrument in the hands of a musician can Express emotions and energy. As do the singers, bewitching and captivating. Wave is a sound oscillation, so the symbol of the brand I expressed by visualization of the oscillation, energetic and bright as imperishable music! Creating a mood resonance of the brand's insistence with its target audience.​​​​​​​

  • «WAVE» is one of my most difficult projects. To translate emotions and feelings from one environment - sound, to a completely different one – visual, turned out to be a difficult and very interesting task.

    At the very beginning, I was faced with the fact that the plastic letters do not fit into a single wave. With this option, the first three letters are glued together, the letter «a» completely disappears, and «e» treacherously does not fit into the wave dynamics.
  • Working on the logo, experimenting with forms, I created more than sixty ideas of the style. I am especially proud of the fact that I managed to find solutions, and now I am happy to represent the «WAVE» brand.

    «KB Creative» is a digital marketing agency. For this company I created a brand and style at the junction of the avant-garde design and creative expression. KB creative is a digital rock star, which is emphasized in its logo. This is a claim, expressed in bright colors and bold decisions.

    Do you like parties? The company «Avinida» also loves them, and helps to make them even happier. This is a gift planning service. Now you only get a desired gift, and your friends don't need to worry about what to present. Circles in the logo display the desired gifts. All the gifts unites together in the cloud directory. Sincere, lamp atmosphere of a holiday in a circle of friends. For this positive service, I created a nice brand filled with bright emotions.

    What is the real Russia? Russia is a warm soul, beautiful architecture, graceful ballet, colorful paintings of Russian artists, traditional crafts, fascinating nature... All this splendor immerses you in the magic. For such a magical country, I made a great identity, choosing the Magical Firebird as a symbol. A bright and inspiring symbol of wisdom, grandeur and extraordinary beauty. The Firebird is already widely known both in Russia and abroad, and this image is not «worn out». Perfect!

  • This Brand won the open all-Russian competition «Tourist brand of Russia» 2015, as well as scored the highest score in the open vote! The second award came in 2016 at the international competition «tourist brand: best practices «in the «professional concept of the tourist brand» category.  I am very pleased that the Brand I created was loved by the people of the country, who gave their votes for it, and was highly appreciated by the professional community.

  • From the numerous feathers of the national bird are formed recognizable patterns and elements of the brand, echoing the historical Russian motifs.

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