Béndes Studio – Brand Experience

  • Design of a new brand and a product line
    Béndes Studio is one of the most recognizable wedding jewelry companies in Russia. Together with the guide
    of Béndes Studio, ARENAS®lab team developed the brand vision, redefined company image and designed
    new characteristics of jewelry and Béndes retail environment. By series of iterations an integrated strategy
    of product line development was created for different groups of clientele, a range of guidelines, training materials to implement a new design system.
  • – Constantine Kytin, the founder of Béndes Studio
    “It took the courage to take such an important decision to change especially in the limited time available.
    To achieve aт ambitious goal we risked to lose the existing market but fortunately, ARENAS®lab have
    an extensive experience and they also had a clear-cut understanding on the line of work to be done. Initially,
    we didn’t want a revolution but it happened.”
  • Project team:
    Valeri Arenas – Creative Director, Partner
    Aisha Arenas – Operations Director, Partner
    Emil Iskhakov – Art Director, Partner
    Victor Adeev – Copywriter
    Ian Evtushenko – Copywriter
    Tatyana Kostenko – Marketer
    Vladimir Okto – SMM Editor
    Ekateryna Tolstih – Industrial Designer
    Anastasiya Sheglova – Photographer
    Anton Vishnyakov – Retail Designer
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