Al-Wadi Communications™

  • Al-Wadi Communications™ and information technology Co. Ltd
    has started in Q 4 2005 with providing telecommunication services including GSM engineering. However as its clients approved its good quality services, alwadi communication was encouraged to continue with its plan and start other divisions. Our goal is to provide turnkey services to telecommunication sector locally and abroad.
    We first started with GSM engineering services. This included radio network planning for microwave, GSM, microwave link survey, BTS and BSC installation and commissioning, supervision of civil work, tower and shelter installation.
    We also provide similar services for CDMA 2000 projects, UMTS etc. currently a data communication department is in progress to provide data communication services for the telecommunication sector as well as the information technology industry.
    Achievement performance excellence.
    Provide reliable services in response to changing needs and adding values to our endeavors as well as maintaining high standards of quality.
    Quality policy
    We understand and fulfill our customers’ needs, provide responsible solutions and support our customers in achieving their overall system goals. We strive for continual improvement of our QMS and process.
    Quality Objectives
    The following are first phase objectives for quality improvement in alwadi communications :
    Measure and improve project execution capabilities.
    Prevent defects by process control.
    Follow plan-do-check-act cycle to improve processes.