Blanc Festival n.10

  • Blanc Festival n.10

    Born in 2009, Blanc Festival is one of the most important graphic design festivals in our country. The winning combination of a familiar approach with a high-level lineup has made of Blanc a must-go event for designers from Catalonia and Spain.

    We were commissioned to design the visual identity and the opening credits for its 10th edition.

    The identity is based on the fact that all inks (design) tend to white (blanc, in catalan) with the effect of time (10th anniversary).

  • The opening credits were done in collaboration with the talented motion designer Gerard Mallandrich and musician Simon Smith (Bcnsound).

    Both motion and sound are based, again, on the idea of time: animated and sound loops that emphasize the idea of time passing.

    Each loop was thought in relation of every speaker’s work. Some are literal (Jordi Duro’s passion for DJing, Onionlab’s mappings, etc.) and some are conceptual/abstract (Alex Trochut impossible designs, Bisi Williams strategic design, etc.)

    These loops were later used as individual bumpers for each speaker presentation.

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