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    Various Projects

    Last year we did several projects with our friends in Maiz Azul Ad Agency and the brand Sour Patch Kids, we had to communicate the sour/sweet personality of  this little candy in each project, the first one was three intro promos for YouTube with the kids causing trouble as they normally do, for the next one we had to recreate in 3D animation (with our friends as lead characters) several notorious memes and funny situations where everybody could relate, and for the last one we did an immersive animation in VR for Halloween called SPK Spooktacular, we build a house full of Halloween jokes & gimmicks to explore!!

    Direction - MEMOMA Estudio
    Art & Illustration - MEMOMA Estudio
    Animation - MEMOMA Estudio
    Post Audio - Audio Mag
    Music YouTube Promos by: Korey Wade, Lovesum
    Agency: Maiz Azul
    Client: Mondelēz International Inc