Matahari Language

  • Matahari language
    2013 /2019
    Matahari is a graphic language for compose abstract, cryptic and love messages.
    Matahari is a secret, utopian and ambiguous language. As a work in progress, this project is constantly evolving.

    - Currently 367 signs created === >
    - Adverbs of time // Adverbs of place // Adverbs of quantity
    - Personal pronouns // Possessive pronouns
    - Articles // 10 tenses (present, future, past)

    - Currently 3 systems created === >

    1- System of common names (scale)

    This scale is composed of 26 squares upright. Each square is a letter : First square is the "A", etc...
    Each letter of word in order is marked with a white square.
    First letter : one square, second letter : two squares, etc.
    The repetition of letters is also considered.

    2- System of proper names (dial)
    Each radius of dial is the position of a letter. The letters are distributed in a clockwise direction.
    The letter is marked with black area from the centre.
    The repetition of letters is also considered.

    3- System of verbs and auxiliaries (grid)
    This grid is composed of 26 squares for 26 letters.
    The reading from top to bottom and left to right.
    Only the first letter of verb is considered.
    For example in French : Manger (eat), the position of the M is erased.
    The context of the sentence makes it possible to guess the verb.
    The errors introduce poetic possibilities.
    The group of verbs is simbolized by 3 bars.

    - Matahari is a French Lacanian player who establishes a common understanding (law)guage.
    - Matahari loves F. de Saussure, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Gertrude Stein.
    - Matahari can guess in part through visual insight.
    - Matahari can be learn like the multiplication tables.
    - Matahari never lies but she is a spy.
    - The best friend of Matahari is called "Maisoùetdoncornicar"
    - Matahari feels that the French language is rich, subtle but very difficult.
    - Matahari expresses her feelings with emoticons.
  • Samples of messages