Music Video Caballero & Jeanjass "Le monde a change"

  • Le monde à Changé (unreleased)

    Director : olivier hero dressen
    DOP & first unit : Jonathan Bizeau

    First AD : Luke Farrow
    Second AD : Michael SC Ip
    Second unit camera A : Jan Prochazka
    Second unit camera B : Chris McMillon

    Production executive : studio supreme
    Executive producer : Olivier Hero Dressen
    Producer : Xintai Feng
    Associated production : BLNK & Centerone

    Creative assistant : Arthur Muller
    Set design supervisor & drone Adel Storace
    Location manager : Qi
    Prop master : Mao
    Casting Coordinator : Leo
    Wardrobe artist : Kate Beth
    Wardrobe assistant : Didi Zhai
    First cut : Luke Farrow
    Color, post production, and final cut :

    Street leader female : Stas
    Street leader Male : Jasin Chang
    LED man : Luke Farrow
    Red man : Michael SC Ip
    Car's shade driver : Arthur Monnet

    Thanks to Converse China
    Thanks to all the cast member and crews who are not listed in this credit bellow.