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    D.A.M.A. is the most popular Portuguese pop band of the 21st century. The goal of the project was to create a modern and clean website inspired on the layout of the latest album, 'Lado A Lado' launched on November 2017. Now you can follow up all the news, photos, tour dates and learn about their history in one place.

  • User Experience

  • We created interactive monochromatic wireframes to give us a full perspective of the page architecture, information hierarchy and content display . See full prototype for desktop and mobile bellow.

  • User Interface & Front-end

  • On this stage, we designed all the website pages across different screen resolutions, choosing colours, pictures, fonts and icons to be implemented afterwards, in the Front-end.

  • Back-end & CMS

  • We built a custom Costumer Management System (CMS) where the client can add and update content on the website without any knowledge skill.

  • Check it yourself at:

  • Credits

    Year 2019
    Created to Portugal
    Client D.A.M.A.
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