Beauty Atelier by Avram Golemechkov - Complete Branding

  • We’re happy to announce the new visual identity of Avram Golemechkov’s first hair saloon! Creating the logo and the branding for the venue was a complex, but delightful task. Working with a creative client can be challenge, but it’s worth it. In the process we learned a lot, broadening visual thinking.
  • Avram Golemechkov is part of the new generation hairstylists in Bulgaria. He has a cutting edge approach to haircuts and fashion in general. Everyone who knows Avram, can tell you his secret – a combination of hard work and a big heart.

    But it all started a long time ago. Hairstyling is not just a passion he discovered– it’s a path he’s been following for the past 15 years. The education he acquired in La Biosthetique, Paris helped him shape his own style. Short after that he earned the recognition from the guild. In 2014 he won the International beauty stylist competition.

    So, when the time came we were happy to work on his hair saloon brand – The Beauty Atelier. We created a visual identity with a custom avant-garde logotype. We wanted it to be bit pretentious, but also accessible. The venue is located in the heart of Sofia and we wanted it to look stunning. The logo and the typeface resemble the passion and the craftsmanship of Avram himself.
  • The new logo in Bulgarian.
  • English version of the logo.

  • The Process
  • We started off with a thorough research of the competition. Then came the the initial ideas for the branding. We discussed the rough sketches with Avram and selected a design route.
  • Then we fine-tuned the proposal, shaping the logotype up to the smallest detail. The approved visual concept was expanded to the entire branding of the hair salon. The result is one of the most contemporary looking hair salons in the capital.

    For the full case study of the Avram Golemechkov’s full branding project please get in touch with us.

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