Snapchat - Indonesia Independence Day

  • Snapchat commissioned us to create a festive Snap Mass for Indonesia's Independent Day, which falls on 17th August each year. This video is inspired by "Panjat Pinang". On our independence day, the people usually celebrate it with competitions, and "Panjat Pinang" (Pole Climbing)  is one of them. In "Panjat Pinang", poles which is made with the trunk of nut trees, are placed vertically while a wheel full of prizes is placed on top. They will then greased the poles and young men will compete to climb to the top of all the prizes.

    We then use this unique activity to tell a story of the diversity of Indonesia, with the most iconic plants, animals, elements and people to truly celebrate the rich culture of Indonesia.

  • images courtesy from google
  • The full frame illustration
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