• Aleso Cabinet
    Designed by : Pasque D. Mawalla 

    Type: Standing Cabinet
    Year: 2019
    Code: D15-Pato-019

    The Aleso standing Cabinet is an elegant, striking cabinet Constructed out of premium materials. It has a welcoming approach enabled by its three glass panels that also create visual continuity into the cabinet space revealing its inner character. 
    Aleso's design consists of a compartmentalised approach to design. Its overall design originates from three volumes that put together create the overall form of the cabinet. This idea of compartmentalised space is further carried into its interior space where it gives shape to unique spaces — both private and open spaces.  With compartmentalisation of its inner space, we create very different spaces at each corner of the cabinet that as a whole come together to create a delightful piece of furniture. 

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