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    Colive Oil ltd. is the first pan-Cypriot company in 50 years. Bringing conflicted communities in Cyprus to encourage cooperation, find common ground, and create peace. Working with small family farms on both the north and south sides of Cyprus, creating the best olive oil from with olives across 
    the ceasefire line in Cyprus. The first olives to ever cross the border, as a gesture of harmony and good faith, donating 10% of the profits to create positive social change for generations to come in Cyprus.

    Colive is created through a peaceful, collaborative process, building a self-sufficient grassroots movement, Cypriot farmers will grow and prosper for many years to come.

    Monumental Olive Trees that have lived in Cyprus for over 900 years, give birth to the olive oil (Kypriaki/Kıbrıslı/Cypriot variety). Probably the rarest olive cultivar in the world, with an incredible taste profile.

    Phantom designed and developed the website to introduce the olive oil to the world and inform the public about the Indiegogo campaign of Colive oil. From user experience and interface design to custom timers, animated and interactive informative graphics, the website conveys the true essence of the brand.

    phantom 2018

  • UI, UX: Phantom
    development: M. Koukopoulos, G. Lemonidis
    3d visualization: A.Thanos
    logo, packaging: Panos Tsakiris
    client: Colive ltd.
    year: 2018