Space InfoGraphic Magazine Article

  • I was tasked to create a 4 page spread on the future of a subject in one hundred years time , I choose space colonisation and proceeded to create nine supporting info graphics and diagrams to illustrate my copy of the future of space colonisation.
  • Spread one, shows an introduction page and a timeline of the history of space exploration and some predictions for the future. 
  • Spread two shows a map of the main manned mission countrys and their achievements, next too it is a diagram on planet size, distance, temperature and type.
  • Spread 3 shows the effects on the body in space, a mesaure of weightlessness effect on each planet/moon and a diagram of the elements that can be mined in space. 
  • Spread four shows two tables about the possiblities of living on each planet and next to it is a diagram of the planets found in exospace over the years.
  • Thank you for viewing my work.