​​​​​​​ REBRANDING

    Design of the monograph and redesign of the overall visual identity on the occasion of marking the twentieth anniversary of the Bihac City Gallery (Bos. “Gradska galerija”), one of the most important art and cultural institutions in the western Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Branding a public institution of a general name that does not refer to a prominent person, an architectural element, or a particular historical event, presents a designer with a complex challenge in terms of defining a symbolic and striking logo solution.​​​​​​​
  • The starting point in this case was the multidisciplinary nature of the institution, since the Bihac City Gallery is not merely an exhibition venue, but also a multipurpose space, hosting various events in all fields of art and culture, as well as a generator of certain critical reflections. This imposes space, form, and energy as common elements that summarize this multidisciplinarity.

    Bearing in mind that the original logo consisted of two letters G placed opposite one another, the logical redesign directive required retention of a typographic solution with the simplification and visualization of the above-mentioned elements. By combining the upper-case and lower-case letters G, a symbol emerged that encompassed the form of a spatial labyrinth, whose centre symbolizes a frame as a collective symbol of many artistic disciplines. The abstractiveness of energy is projected through the square opening of the sign, and using the form of a labyrinth.​​​​​​​
  • Through further research and the use of precise shapes through graphic design and illustration, graphical samples and the relation of visual elements have been defined, thus completing and satisfying typographic solution of the logo with multi-purpose symbolism.
  • Monograph  20 years of the Bihac City Gallery
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