Hopson One 合生汇

  • 合生汇是上海闸北高端商场,品牌形象从字体设计着手,突出设计感,运用金色使整个品牌具有更高端的气质。字体笔画在结构和细节上都做了较大的改变,如“合”字中的“口”旋转了45度,犹如古代铜钱的“钱孔”,寓意良好的商业氛围。汇字的左部较“空”,因此突出”三点水“,整体也就各更加平衡。柔和的曲线和造型也折射出了轻松愉悦感,没有那么多压力符合品牌形象的定位。

    Hopson one is a shopping mall in Shanghai. The logo is mainly based on font design, which highlights the design sense of Chinese fonts. The use of gold makes the whole brand have a higher temperament. Font strokes have made major changes in structure and detail. The soft curves and shapes also reflect the relaxed and pleasant feeling.​​​​​​​