• Last year i started a collaborative project, a calendar with the idea of making new friends and share the pleasure of drawing and making any kind of art. It was a success because i received many illustrations and photos, ideas, help and started friendship with some of these artists.
    This year i wanted a more simple project, i made two lists of words, one with a person or character (1-Astronaut, 2-Cat, 3-Girl, 4-Warrior, 5-Old man) and the other one with a place or situation. (1-Rain, 2-Cosmos, 3-Night, 4-Abandoned city, 5-Desert).
    The task was to make an illustration, sketch, photo, photomanipulation, sculpture, whatever you want to do, using two words,  one from each list, for example: Cat-Rain, and you can do anything you imagine. (or if you want to use all the words, please do it). You just have to be creative ¡let loose your imagination!.
    I´m very grateful for all the artists that joined this year and sent me their works.

    Víctor Yáñez (ferkad)

  • Chica del espacio by Erick Mares
  • Girl-Night by Katya Sviridova
  • Mystery of the sphinx by Andrey Eroshevich
  • Kimono Universe by Kenji Inoue
  • A Soirée by Momoko Tsuchiya
  • The Cosmonaut by Víctor Yáñez
  • December by Ksandr San
  • Day dreaming Girl by Debaditya Patra
  • Girl/Rain by Yann Création