The Full Inevitably Empty

  • The Full Inevitably Empty

    In these works of art I ask myself the question: what is "beauty". How do we understand it, how we perceive it, feel it. Do we take for granted the things that we own or achieve. Or maybe it’s all a big mistake, a prestidigitation's tricks? Is beauty important in social media and information overload and if so, are we even able to differ what's real and what's not anymore? Digitization, filters, artificial intelligence and common accessibility to graphic design applications surely will make these questions hard to answer and maybe next generation won't even ask them because it will be normal in the future that we are surrounded by never ageing replicas, morphs or holograms living in a digitized world.
    Each image also comes with its own story inspired loosely by tales, fables, myths and legends from the Middle Ages, Renaissance period and even North mythology. Presented by me Objects Of Art are merely scratching the surface as wide and complex as the concept of beauty but isn't it the artist's role to ask even the most difficult questions.

    All artworks are available at Saatchi:

  • Object Of Art And Presumption
  • Object Of Art And Deceit
  • Object Of Art And Contemplation
  • Object Of Art And Desire
  • Object Of Art And Altruism
  • Object Of Art And Perseverance
  • Object Of Art And Ambiguity
  • After The Object Of Art And Legacy
  • Art Objects Of Indelibility
  • Just a tiny glimpse of how it has been done...
  • Art Statues

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