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    Shopin is the world's first decentralized shopper profile built on the blockchain.
    A secure profile that enables shoppers to own their complete purchase data, giving the power back to the customer and rewarding them financially. That's how Shopin team explains how it works.

    For retailers, Shopin technology platform provides more personalized experiences across digital properties and in-store to increase conversions and sales. The token activates the next generation in hyper-targeted advertising and loyalty that brings the enormous ad spend previously spent on third-party publishers back into the retail ecosystem.
    For shoppers, Shopin universal shopper profile puts people in control of their purchase data and preferences, and better highlights appealing merchandise recommendations for a tailored, personalized, motivating shopping experience which reflects *you.*

    One of the first business goals of this early stage startup was to raise money. To make it happen, we need to make people believe the idea and build trust. As a result, every social activity, every public speech, everything you do should look and sound consistent and memorable. Ideally, to have a tone of voice, and a vocabulary defined at the early beginning, but usually what really helps is just a personal charisma of the product owner. What's helpful and can't be achieved only with the charm is visual brand identity applied to all marketing assets. That was our first task. Fortunately, 'Shopin' name starts with the letter 'S.' The shape of the letter visually bends twice from top to bottom. We decided to use this 'mirroring effect' to encrypt a metaphor of two personas in the product: a user and a retailer. We wanted to make a sign that looks 'in-motion' even when it's static. In addition to the visual identity design and style guide, we helped with ICO page design, coin design, onboarding UI and UX, and illustrations. As a result, Shopin raised even more than planned, and now the team continues building the product in-house.

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