• Skymining – Brand Identity

    Skymining is one of the first companies with a climate remedy that actually flips the emission curve instead of just reducing CO2. But to make stakeholders understand and believe this, a solid communication platform was called for. Our mission was to provide the right set of tools to trigger emotion, commitment and action amongst potential supporters. How could we ignite the feeling of climate urge whilst being inspiring, scientific and business like?

    Solution & effect
    By extracting appealing patterns, colors and perspectives from nature itself, we formed the basis of the graphic expression. 

    This reflected the beauty at stake and gave life to the identity without compromising sincerity. A balance between bright and sober, clean-tech and natural, human and professional made Skymining stand out from traditional climate organizations. By communicating from a tangible, solution-oriented platform they could tap into new, powerful audiences and build collaborative climate impact. Hence, sparking an opportunity to bring about real change.