Pointer Brand Protection

  • Pointer Brand Protection

  • Picus contacted me to join their team and develop a motion graphics video to better explain the digital products of Pointer Brand Protection, a company they were developing a new website and communication strategy.

    I wore my best shirt, get in the car and drove to Viana do Castelo (Beautiful city! You're welcome.) to join them in our first meeting with the creative team and the client. Their creative inputs were very important and enabled a deeper understanding of the brand and how I should approach it in the motion video format.

    The project was quite challenging and I thought it would be a great opportunity to call the cavalry. Pedro Tavares joined us to write the script and André Aires was responsible for the music composition and sound effects.

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    Year _ 2018
    Client _ Pointer Brand Protection
    Agency _ Picus Creative
    Creative & Art Direction and 2D Animation _ Nuno Leites
    Script _ Pedro Tavares
    Music & Sound Design _ André Aires (Clarabóia)