Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Tokyo 2018

  • Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Tokyo 2018
  • Client Omotesando Hills
    Category Installation
    Year 2018

    Art Direction Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski 
    Design Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski
    Agency GAS As Interface
    Fabrication and Installation Masataka Nochi 
    Pamphlet Design Omotesando Hills

    For the 10th year anniversary of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Tokyo, Wade and Leta were invited to create a photospot in Tadao Ando’s Omotesando Hills shopping complex to coincide with the one night only fashion celebration that brings in 40,000 attendees from Tokyo. The challenge? Working within a 2200 cm x 2200 cm space due to fire restrictions. Instead of creating a wall, we set out to create a space that participants could interact with in a multitude of ways by using “escapism” as our theme.  We created a utopian zen garden where people could climb in, pose on, and play with. Additionally, we transformed the nearby seating area into an extension of our installation where participants could take a rest and contemplate another glass of champagne.