• Vet for Pet
    A little bigger than a veterinary, a little smaller than an ark!

    The “Vet for Pet” veterinary, in the city of Thessaloniki, opened its doors to the public in May of 2018. We chose to design a brand that would suit the young doctor and owner of the veterinary, Emilia, and express her joyous character. A series of illustrations of pets in peculiar scenes, living their daily lives when the owner leaves the house each morning, make up the whole of the identity in its various applications.

    Mismatched couples of animals, songbirds straight outta Harlem, dogs dreaming of giant bones, cats in fishbowls, snakes in top hats, rabbits reading the newspaper and other images, are all proof of the fact that our pets are living their own lives away from human eyes - and that is a secret only Vet for Pet knows.

    phantom 2018

  • design: Phantom
    art direction: Phantom
    photography: Stefanos Tsakiris

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