Cinema & the creative writing

  • Cinema & the creative writing: Lessons in cinematic literacy

    The design of the latest book by Stavros Grosdos, was assigned to Phantom by the Chania Film Festival and Pyxida publications in Crete - GR. Targeting to elementary school and high school teachers, this book serves as a manual in lessons around script writing, film critique and scenarios writing processes and lessons in cinematography theory. The main concept is the "always in use" notepad-like book. Where the reader takes notes, signifies certain elements, circle others or highlight sections. Emphasising the concept of the manual, this design approach, lays down the notion of usage by the end user, inviting him or her to use this book as one wishes. 

    Crayons as a medium, where used throughout the book. As a reminder of children drawings and as an invitation to the reader for using this book as a notepad. Furthermore, crayon lines, circles, arrows and numbering guide the reader through tutorials, step by step lessons and activity lists. 

    These two-toned, high contrast juxtaposition between rough crayon lines and clean cut sans serif typography, produce a friendly, usable and useful end result both in terms of concept and in contextual usage.

    phantom 2018

  • editorial design & cover: Phantom
    art direction: Phantom
    photography: Stefanos Tsakiris 
    printhouse: Grafotexniki Crete

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