King of the Underground — Exhibition & Book Concept

  • The Cover

    A simple embossed printing to picture King Robbo‘s footprint of life. Since the book aims for a new interpretation and clarification of his biography, the cover leaves symbolic space to do so: It might be sprayed, painted or otherwise visually changed.
    A sprayed canvas composed of 100 book covers may be produced as a special
    edition in order to show his life‘s character of uniqueness and personal link to the supporting people.
  • Shed Light

    The layout works with a contrast of black and whites spaces in combination with large-scale pictures. The idea behind this is to shed light on the unknown parts of King Robbo‘s life: Dark areas are illuminated with information and stories as well as the bright ones.
    Experimental use of type underlines the Artist's and street art's general character of freedom and breaking free from known principles.

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