Sagrerina Mural

  • La Sagrerina Mural
     Nau Bostik, Barcelona, Spain


    ‘La Sagrerina’ mural is inspired by history of the La Sagrera barrio and portrays a modern version of the Sagrera giant doll, better known as Sagrerina, which met her lover while searching for water. 

    I used assemblage techniques to reflect the fact that the area became an industrial neighbourhood, dominated by metallurgy and textile sectors at the end of 19th century. 

    5 meters tall mural brings a positive message to the Bostik Murals project lead by Xavier Ballaz, co-funder of Difusor and his team. Little girl looking at the sunrise is a symbol of a bright future for Nau Bostik who recently received Lluís Carulla Prize 2018 for their achievements in urban arts linked to social factory of La Sagrera area.

    Materials used:
    Spray paint, acrylic paint, plexiglass, metal pipes, wire fabric, handmade wool fabrique, photograph, tape, brush strokes, markers, transparent medium, caps from Vichy Catalan water, hand made label with ’Fet a La Sagrera’ Catalan writing.

    Video made by After Hours Project.

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