IronChain Brand Identity and Marketing Website

  • We want to share with you one of our full-stack design projects, a collaboration with cryptocurrency professionals that started a new company called IronChain. It's a mutual fund company dedicated to high net worth individuals, family offices and institutions. Our task was to design the brand identity, website, and develop it.
    The original meaning behind the IronChain name was that the word 'Iron' that represents 'secure' and 'Chain' as a link to the blockchain. It also meant to be a strong link between investors and the cryptocurrency world.

    With that in mind, our main direction was the connectivity. Our process, as usual, started from research, aligning our vision with the client, drawing lots of sketches and iterating. We took all of these steps to reflect the core value of the company the best possible way.

    As soon as we accomplished the branding work we started working on the website. The primary goals here were awareness, understanding of the offering, and conversion. We decided to design a very clean and easy to perceive web style with a light background, several scrollable sections, and appealing illustrations to support the copy. As a result, we had a live website with clear animated brand illustrations and typography consistent with the brand.


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