Beyond Department Spring Festival

  • -   春 嬉 風 潮   -

    Beyond Department Spring Festival Project​​​​​​​

  • 華 人 傳 統 回 紋
    Chinese traditional embossed elements​​​​​​​

  • 年 度 春 聯
    Year Couplets Visual

  • 櫥 窗 視 覺
    Spring Festival Window visual​​​​​​​

  • 為比漾廣場規劃的新年櫥窗設計,嘗試將 Art Deco 裝飾藝術風格,結合華人傳統回紋元素,透過復古騰紋與吉祥玉飾組成的窗花,喚起自身的文化共鳴,賦予比漾廣場能活潑創新的春節氛圍,一同與觀者展望新的一年。

    Cooperate with Beyond Department Store, try to combine the Art Deco style with the Chinese traditional embossed elements, and through the window grilles composed of vintage embossed and auspicious jade ornaments, to evoke cultural resonance and give the Beyond Square a lively Innovative Spring Festival atmosphere

    Design by _ Chen Wu
    Client _ Beyond Department  /  比漾百貨