Connect People Thru Art Beyond Borders

  • This enormous artwork is created to demonstrate the power of art in the 21st century to Connect People Beyond Borders such as nationality, language, religion, gender, and generation
  • This artwork is currently the largest calligraphy artwork in Europe
  • The artwork is 1926 square meters in size and available on the rooftop of Zapadores in Madrid, Spain
  • Letters that people can't read but instead feel
  • Musical composition "I Will"
    Officially released on Mask Movement on January 23, 2018 
    Full version of the track is now available here
  • The Artist: Masaaki Hasegawa
    Visual Direction + Editing: Maks Histibe
    Video Footages: Nicola Beccu
    Creative Agency: Mask Movement
    Music: Histibe & Subestes "I Will" (ft. Lika Bugaeva)