aimo - Rebranding


  • A significant drive towards the future.

    Starting point
    aimo is Sweden’s first electric carshare. What also make them stand out are an exceptional vision (they’re already planning for their release of self driving cars) and a quest to change the conception of mobility as we know it. aimo came to us, requesting a brand identity that would redraw the map of their industry. How could we find a graphic balance to communicate clean-tech, transport service and user-friendly app – all at once?

    Solution & effect
    aimo is a highly technical company. However, our approach was to keep the mechanics behind the scenes in order to lower entry barriers as much as possible. Consequently, ehen we did the redesign we developed a relatively simple and strict graphic groundwork of black and white. On top of that, we placed a layer of fun and quirky to trigger excitement. We found inspiration in aimo’s Japanese heritage and let manga aesthetics, intriguing illustrations, colors and icons create a feeling of ease and playfulness. This made aimo not only the smartest, but also the friendliest, car company.