Everyday Musings

  • The series is a peek into the every day life of people, going about their day to day activities. Scenes that are mundane everyday happenings, but have sparked a thought in my mind while travelling in and
     around Bangalore. 

    These scenes are a compilation of my observations while waiting in the long traffic lights, or by the side of the road, or during my many short trips around Bangalore. The common thread across all the scenes, is   the single source of light that is intended to add drama and illuminates the subjects.

  • Moonlight and diyas 

  • In the middle - A little girl gazing at the balloons in delight, while waiting to cross the road. Scenes my everyday commute and observations waiting at the signal light. Here is the step-by-step tutorial on Dribbble Courtside

  • A vantage point into peoples faith, culture and aesthetic choices from the back seat of a taxi cab.

  • Sharing a ride! Scenes from my daily commute. People and scenarios that have caught my attention whilst waiting at the long traffic lights

  • Starry night, campfire and hot chai.

  • The play of light

  • Initial  sketches

  • Leap of Faith - A family offering their respect, united in faith

  • Closer look at the the details

  • Thanks for Watching!