The Trunk Market

  • The Trunk Market

    This event is a unique and high-end flea market that introduces and conveys 
    local speciality crafts of artisans, claim to fame, and special limited products.
    It provides high-quality / high-maintenance products, services and foods in the park, face to face.

    There are no other unique events like this.
    It has been held twice a year since November 2013 at Fukuromachi park, Hiroshima City. (2018.11 = 11th)
    IC4DESIGN has produced graphics from the beginning and has created the "TTM" brand.

    Handmade feeling and high end / fashionable feeling. 
    We had to make these contradictory things compatible.
    The poster uses the logo with a sense of vintage and create an image of a flea market in France.
    The size is large and does not use photographs, and It also keeps the number of colors low.
  • Day & Night :
  • Purposely, we have used cheap wrapping paper for posters which is not used for posters usually.
    Those are distributed in the folded state to many stores around the area, media, related persons and applicants.
    The crease made by folding becomes part of the graphics.
    With this, the cost is cheap, it can be distributed in large quantities, and good atmosphere comes out.
  • Scenes :
    Fashion, Flower shop, Foods, Music, Workshop, Art, etc...
    Photo by akiko photography

  • 🎈Welcome. See you at The Trunk Market. 🎈
  • The Trunk Market :​​​​​​​