Dead Coral Color of The Year 2043

  • We couldn’t help to notice that Pantone just released “Living Coral” as the color of the year 2019, and while we think that’s a beautiful effort to bring attention to a big problem, we (The Raccoons) don’t think it’s nearly enough. Especially when recent research shows that annual bleaching events will start to happen as soon as 2043, which will finally debilitate the world’s coral reefs in an absolutely irreversible way.

    That's why we bring to you:
  • The objective of this effort is not only to bring awareness to the issue but also to help promote the work of organizations that spend night and day working on saving our seas.

    Special thanks to: NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program, USGS via the PICSC, NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, University of Miami, UNEP, the Total Foundation NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service via the PIFSC, World Wildlife Fund, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Coral Reef Conservation Fund, and a Marie Curie Actions fellowship to JM from the European Research Council.*

    *The creation of this non-profit effort didn’t involve any of the previously mentioned entities financially or creatively.

    (Image credit: Kristina Tietjen)